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All the content you'll find in my Kits is completely Original & created from scratch, the main Soundsorces for the sample libraries are my Motif & a Virus B.
The drums have been chopped from existing Songs & then stacked and edited in Pro Tools 9 and FL Studio, I've recorded most of the vocal samples myself, a few are taken from acapella versions of popular Songs.
Both Kits feature a vast variety of sounds I use in all my productions.
In addition I created lots of mixer-presets that will help you improving your mix, all of those are created for certain instruments (e.g. Brass/Vocals/Drums etc.)
PB Kit Vol.2:
While part 1 is already huge at over 1.6 gigabytes part 2 easily exceeds it with a whooping 2.3 gigabytes of Sounds offering you the best bang for your buck you'll find anywhere.
Lots of effort have been put into this kit to ensure that it will surpass part 1 quality wise, the overall development took me months with a few hours spent just on the kit every day.
I'll release a small demo version very soon so you'll be able to get an Idea of the quality before purchasing it.                                                      
37 Claps /42 Sound Effects /27Hats & Cymbals /56 Kicks /30 Percussions /
25 Mixer & plugin Presets /63 Snares /24 Vocals /43 Wave sounds & Loops all with Key & tempo information.
A 1.83 Gigiabyte library for Direct Wave with tons of custom sounds I created myself

Drum Kits
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