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Mixing and Mastering


In order to achieve the best quality possible you'll have to send me your Beats/Songs tracked out.
Every song submitted can have up to 30 separate tracks, the turnaround time is 2 days per Song submitted although I'm usually faster, the mixed and mastered track will be sent to you as a 16bit / 44.1Khz WAV file.

If you want a custom deal for your album, mixtape or EP contact me, please specify how many tracks will be on your release.

Do not submit any sessions till we have arranged for a mix and a payment has been made.

Download link - Trackouts


Mastering is the last step in the realization of your musical vision. 
The music is checked and corrections are applied if needed, then all the individual tracks are adjusted to the international -0.3dB standard.
The sound is balanced and enhanced in order to convey the best possible experience to the listeners across a wide range of playback systems. 
The Individual songs are sequenced and seamlessly bonded together into an album like separate chapters in a book. The combination of a set of experienced ears, and a selection of high quality creative and corrective tools in a revealing monitoring environment with the fine attention to details ensure your creative efforts are both competitive with other releases and ready for duplication.

A mastering session can be generally speaking divided into two phases: 

Listening through a very accurate monitoring chain will reveal problems or shortcomings that may have occurred during the mixing stage due to less than perfect room acoustics or inaccurate speakers. 
If those problems exist they will then be corrected with specific tools such as equalizers, narrow band compressors (de-essing of sibilant vocals or taming of overly fizzy cymbals) and wide band compressors and limiters (used to glue the elements of a song together). 

Once a good sounding and balanced sound is achieved the songs are laid out in a sequence within the DAW, fades between the songs are created and a DDP file is created and sent back to the client along with the mastered song(s) in 16bit / 44.1Khz and with -0.3dB peaks.

Download link - Song(s)